Free Indeed

Living a life I thought that was free 
With no one directing my path
To no authority bending my knee
I feared not judgement nor wrath

But coming against a wall in my way
And counting three more all around
Alone with my fear I'd just have to stay
These walls would forever surround

Thinking of others restricted and barred
But then slowly beginning to see
Outside there stands a formidable guard
The real captive here must be me

Looking for help the door it broke down
Finally released from my cell
Onto my knees I fell to the ground
Jesus had made all things well

Freely rejoicing one time and again
I know what true freedom is
Jesus has loosened the bondage of sin
My life is now placed within His

Everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin . . . If the son sets you free you will be free indeed
John 8:34-35

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