Can Human Beings Threaten Evolutionary History?

Elusor macrurus
Human activity threatens billions of years of evolutionary history, researchers warn
By Amy Woodyatt, CNN
Updated 7:10 AM ET, Tue May 26, 2020

Earlier today I came across the article referenced above while browsing the news. Follow link for full article text.

It is always interesting to me when evolutionary scientists speak about human beings as if we are somehow separate from nature. In articles like this the effort is made to pit humanity against evolutionary progress or the natural world as if we are competitors. But how can humans threaten evolutionary history? According to the theory of evolution human beings are the capstone, the pinnacle, the most advanced, intelligent, and dominant of all its creations. Supposedly formed over billions of years of natural processes we are literally nature personified. There is no separating humans as distinct from or at odds with nature. Therefore, any actions human beings take are evolutionary and natural. What else could they be? And the results of such actions are also evolutionary and natural. What else could they be? From an evolutionary perspective, we have no moral responsibility to care for the earth or the other animals who live here. No other species is charged with that task and no natural law exists to compel us to do anything other than survive. Evolution holds no grudge over the stronger species who contributed to the extinction of countless other creatures over the millennia, so why hold ourselves to a higher standard?

I wonder if it is even possible to threaten evolution? Since it has no design, direction, purpose, or goals what exactly is there to thwart? I suppose the survival of the living products of evolution could be threatened but again is not that the point? We cannot progress without the weak falling by the wayside . . . or so we are told.

There is something deeper going on here. Human beings intrinsically know that we are not like the rest of the natural world. The headlines referenced show that even secular science knows this truth. We are indeed separate from nature because we are the only creatures created in the image of God. We feel an obligation to care for this earth and the animals on it because we were charged to do so in the first days of creation by God Himself. We have a moral responsibility to the earth because a moral God created us. We heal the sick, tend to the injured, help the weak, assist the infertile, preserve the endangered, and sacrificially love because God made us. We act in anti-evolutionary ways because we are not the products of it.

The irony here is that the researches in this article are actually correct to a certain degree. Human beings can threaten nature and often do, but it is God’s creation that is at risk, not evolutionary progress.


“Is nature over? Maybe. Nature is essential for human existence” This is another example of human beings presented as “other than”  or opposed to nature which is not consistent with an evolutionary worldview.

3 thoughts on “Can Human Beings Threaten Evolutionary History?

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for yet another clearly stated insight into the fallacy of Naturalism. Evolutionists cannot explain why the most highly evolved specie should assume godlike responsibility for the well-being of other species in the context of one gigantic accident.


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